5 Common Misconceptions about Birth Mothers

Selfless Love Adoption - Birth Father Questions
5 Commonly Asked Questions by Birth Fathers
January 19, 2017
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Selfless Love Adoption - Birth Mothers Misconceptions

Birth mothers are almost always teenagers.

Birth mothers come from many different walks of life, with various social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Unplanned pregnancies can occur at any time during a woman’s reproductive years, and therefore expectant mothers of all ages can choose to place their child for adoption.

Birth mothers choose adoption because it is an easy way out.

Placing a child for adoption can be a very difficult and emotional decision for a birth mother to make. Many birth mothers make this selfless choice because it is the option that will give their baby the best life possible, and while they know in their hearts that it is the right decision, it is by no means an easy one.

Birth mothers place their children for adoption because they do not love or want them.

Many birth mothers make the decision to place their child for adoption because they simply want that child to have the best life possible. It is a truly selfless act of love, and one that is often made despite a strong desire to have children. Today, 67% of private adoptions are at least semi-open, a choice that is made entirely by the birth mother, and agreed upon by adoptive families.

Birth mothers regret the decision to place their children for adoption for the rest of their lives.

The decision to place a child for adoption is a permanent one, and while every birth parent experiences the loss differently, pain and grief can often be involved. However, birth parents who understand that placing their child for adoption is the best way to ensure that the child has a stable future with a loving family will have no regrets about their decision.

Women that place their children for adoption do so because they would have been unsuitable mothers.

By making the selfless choice to place their child for adoption, birth mothers show an immense capacity for love and sacrifice, attributes which are associated with outstanding mothers. When a birth mother chooses adoption, she is more likely to complete her education, have a stable and happy life, and go on to be a very good mother to future children when she is ready to start a family.

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