Our Families

Selfless Love Adoption has helped build many families by bringing expectant mothers and their "ideal" adoptive family's together.

You are in charge of choosing your "ideal" adoptive family, one that meets your expectations and will provide the life you want for your child.

Below are a few of the families wanting to adopt. If you have specific qualities you are looking for in your "ideal" adoptive family let us know. We will email or mail you many more profiles of families looking to adopt that meet your expectations.


Dear Birthmother,

We would first like to thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We would like to welcome you to our family and want you to know that you are truly welcome and accepted.

We believe that you are tremendously strong and that you love your child so much to be willing to make an adoption plan. We look froward to sharing the adoption journey with you.

We dream of bringing another child into our home, a special child who immediately will be a part of our family, We hope that you will allow us to become part of your family by raising your child.

We feel privileged to get this chance and once you get to know us you will see that we are the right choice for this incredible calling.

Jay and Danielle

About Us

We met in 1999 while attending school and we instantly became good friends, We ran into each other again in 2006 and have been inseparable since. Danielle is from the great state of New York and Jay grew up in Wisconsin.

Mikaela, 23, is Jay’s daughter who lives with us. She has been with us through the entire adoption process and she has proven to be an amazing big sister. She continually helps with her little brothers and even takes them out for adventures. Mikaela and Danielle share a very close mother/daughter relationship. Mikaela has two more semesters of nursing school.

Lucca, 7, came into our life through adoption in 2012. Erin, his birth mother, and Danielle have continued contact through email and pictures. Lucca has added more to our family than we will ever be able to express with words. He’s an absolute joy and is smart as a whip.

Levi, 3, came into our life through adoption also in 2016. Jennifer, his birth mother, and Danielle have a sisterly bond. Danielle and Jennifer are in contact through email and text.

We have chosen adoption rather than pursuing fertility treatment. Our extended family is very supportive with our decision to adopt, for the second time.

Danielle (by Jay)
We have been tighter for 9 wonderful years and I look forward to a lifetime of happiness together. Danielle is a loving ,caring, generous, thoughtful, nurturing mother to both Lucca and Mikaela. Mikaela and Danielle she a special mother-daughter bond. There is no mistaking who Lucca goes to first for anything: “Mommy.” There is also no doubt in my mind that, once again, Danielle would be an incredible mother fro our next child and I am positive she wowed be exactly the type of woman who you are looking for to love and care for your child. I cannot picture anyone other than Danielle to be the mother of my children.

Jay (by Danielle)
Jay and I have the kind of relationship that one only hopes and dreams for. It was truly an act of God that we ran into each other years after first meeting. Since that day, we have been inseparable and we enjoy every minute we have together. Jay is by far my best friends and my soul mate.  He tries to be all tough, but on the inside he a warm, loving, and extremely supportive husband and father. Jay and the kids have an absolute blast together doing many outdoor activities. Jay is just one of the kids when it comes to getting outside and playing.

We Both work for the government teaching where where we usually work 9-3. Jay completed his Doctoral Degree this year, We have excellent medical, dental and educational benefits that are available to all family members.

Our co-workers are like a second family and we have many that are very close personal friends. We absolutely love our Jobs and are very content in our careers. Danielle has chosen to stay at home for the first few months with the little one.


What we love to do for fun
We absolutely love family time. Whenever we have a chance we travel to visit family. We have started going to the beach for Christmas with our extended family. We find that the grandparents love joining us for the festivities.

This year we have traveled to 5 weddings, and a retirement party. We treasure our families and love al our adventures, We Love sports, mostly baseball and football. We also love to go camping and hiking. Jay is heavily involved in Triathlons and are rest of the family shows their support.

As a family, we have been to Disney twice this year and each time we have had different adventures.

We teach our children honesty, respect, love, kindness and responsibility.

Our loving family

Jay’s parents are retired and live in Wisconsin. His sister lives in Ohio and her husband and 4 children. Danielle’s parents live in New York. Her brother and his wife live only 5 minutes from their parents. We may not live too close, but we make it a point to visit both sides at least twice a year. Jay;s aunt and uncle have three adopted children; Danielle’s aunt has two adopted children also. We absolutely love large family vacations. The kids are the main focus of any vacation that we go on. We feel family extremely important, especially when the kids are young.


We believe that faith plays a large part in our lives. We will give each child the understanding of faith and help to lead them through their ives with what they need to make the right choices for themselves as they become adults.


We promise to live, cherish, educate, nurture and support your child throughout their life. We would love the opportunity to add another child to our family through the amazing adoption process. As a family we love to spend time together and to grow together as a family. We promise to offer your child support, strong morals and the best education that you can achieve.

Home and Community

We live in a quiet community which is filed with families with young children. There are many great activities nearby and we love getting out into the fresh air. Our community has a gated pool, a park, a well-stocked pond that you can fish out of, and a long walking trail. Every night as a family we go for a walk around the neighborhood and it is so relaxing. We have a huge backyard that Lucca and Levi just love to run around in. The boys go to private Christian school. Lucca participates in praise choir, gymnastics and piano at school. He plays baseball and soccer on a local league. Levi will start soccer and piano in the spring after he turns 4.

We would just live to once again welcome you and you child to our family, our home and most importantly, into our life. We hope you will deeply and seriously consider us as parents to your precious child.

We admire the choices that you are making, adoption is not an easy process, but it’s one that can bind two families into one. We want more than anything for you to be comfortable with us; we know if you get to know us you will instantly fall in love.

Thank you for allowing us to share a glimpse of our family with you and hopefully we will get the chance to talk in the near future.

Jay and Danielle

Dear Expectant Mom,

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us. While we can’t possibly imagine all of the emotions you’re going through, we understand that it must be a lot to process and we have the highest respect for you and the life decisions that
you’re making.

If we are lucky enough to be selected, we would love to stay in touch with you after the birth and ensure that the new baby and your daughter could build a relationship. We are excited to figure out a future plan together that works best for you and the children as they grow up.

We can’t imagine the rollercoaster ride you are going through at this time, but we would be happy to be another set of shoulders for you to lean on during this process. Thanks again for taking the time to check us out.
Blaine and Craig

About Us

Blaine was born and raised in New York City. (He likes to inform people that he was born in the same hospital as Blue Ivy, the first child of Beyonce and Jay Z.) Weekends in NYC were spent going to museums and seeing plays on Broadway. Blaine went to college in Chicago and eventually moved to Los Angeles. Blaine loves to ski, snowboard, surf and cook!

Craig grew up in a small town on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Craig has been a competitive swimmer since the age of 5. When he wasn’t in the pool, he was farming with his family and camping up and down the coast with his mom, sister and brother. After college, Craig headed to the United States with nothing more than a backpack for a 6-month overseas experience. He fell in love with California and began to build a life there. He now has dual citizenship.

When we met in 2012, it was immediately clear that our was unique personalities complemented one another. While Blaine loves the fast pace and craziness of city life, Craig is happier in tranquility. We quickly realized that we were a great pair, as each of us brought something different to life. We found common interests in an active life, gardening, travel and fostering rescue dogs.

Keeping both mind and body active are incredibly important to us. Traveling, seeing new and old art, reading new books that everyone is talking about are some of our favorite things (Craig devours mysteries while Blaine is a fiction fan).

Craig: Craig sits on the Board of Directors for West Hollywood Aquatics. And for the past two years Craig has helped raise funds for the Trident Swim Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps build community-based swimming and academic programs at inner-city Los Angeles schools.

Blaine: Blaine has worked with Communities in Schools, the nation’s leading high school dropout prevention program, for more than 9 years, rehabilitating classrooms and talking to kids about the opportunities that exist for them.

We love dogs. We have fostered 13 of them and found all of them happy forever homes.


Blaine’s parents (all four of them, thanks to both parents remarrying many years ago) embraced Craig as another son from first meeting him. (Arguably he’s now the favorite son, but Blaine doesn’t mind.) Our parents are extremely excited about us having a child. Mom and Michael (Blaine’s stepfather) live just a few blocks away and can’t wait to babysit.

Being uncles and godfathers to the kids in our lives has been a source of pride and joy. We’ve had lots of hands-on experience with babies and kids. Even the messy stuff.


Dear Expectant Mom,

We want to start by letting you know how amazing you are by letting your child grow through life with us if you choose. You have made a dream come true in our life. We love being parents to our adopted daughter Lauren.

She will be ecstatic to get a sibling, and we are excited, too. Making a decision to let your baby grow in another family’s life is such a selfless act, and you should be very proud of the person you are. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little about us as you read our family profile.

Jerry and Katie

About Katie (Through Jerry’s Eyes)
Katie is a very responsible, fun, outgoing family-oriented person. She amazes me every day with the compassion she has for our daughter, family and friends. I fall in love with her more and more every day through the kindness she shows for people. She is always willing to give 110% in everything she does just to make other people feel welcome. Katie works as a mammogram technician. She loves to show compassion to the women she works with and help increase their awareness about breast cancer. She loves the interaction with each one of her patients throughout the day.

She has always loved watching the Lakers, 49ers, and Nebraska Huskers, and so have I. I just know she will love going to activities for Lauren and our future child. I felt like I struck gold the first time I laid eyes on her and knew I found what I was looking for in a wife from the first time. She works hard to give Lauren and me the love we cherish. I know she will give your child the most nurturing, fun, successful life that your child deserves.

5 Things that make Katie Happy

  • Family time
  • Swimming in our lake with friends and family
  • Watching funny videos
  • Laughing
  • Cheering on our favorite sports team

Jerry (Through Katie’s Eyes)

Jerry is the greatest man I have ever met (probably why I married him). I am proud to say that Jerry works unbelievably hard to provide and care for our family. Lauren and I are very spoiled by the care and love he provides us. Jerry very much loves owning his own construction business and making it better and better every year, just as he does for Lauren and me. Jerry will do whatever it takes to ensure Lauren and I have what we need.

He shares the love of my favorite sports teams with me. He’s also a very goal-oriented guy. He sets a goal and will do everything he can do to achieve it. By Lauren and our future child seeing that, I know they will be successful in life too. Jerry is such a great daddy to our adoptive daughter Lauren. He just has that twinkle in his eye when he’s spending time with her.

5 Things that make Jerry Happy

  • Hiking
  • Growing his construction business
  • Fixer-upper projects
  • Making Lauren and Katie happy
  • Working out

About Us

We met in college through mutual friends at a restaurant in 2004. We were both going out with our friends, and when we met for the first time, we both felt butterflies in our stomachs. We really haven’t been apart since that night. We went on dates and quickly realized we both had a passion for family and sports. We were married in a country church close to where Katie grew up surrounded by many friends and family.

We spend most of our time doing family things together. We live close to each other’s families and like to go to our nieces’ and nephews’ events. Katie only works four days a week and has the privilege of staying home with Lauren on Fridays. We live in a small town on a lake. It is beautiful and perfect for family activities such as boating, grilling, wading in the water, and swimming with family and friends.

We also enjoy going to the local sports teams’ games. We love the small community interactions and feel like one big family. We all watch out for each other. Our greatest enjoyment in our life so far has been adopting our daughter Lauren in 2015, and we are excited to complete our family with a sibling for Lauren. We assure you they are going to grow up together in a great family environment.

What adoption means to us
Adoption is a wonderful thing and is one of the most selfless acts someone can do for another family. We have been through it before and cannot say enough how fulfilling and amazing it is. You should feel so proud of yourself as you go through life knowing you fulfilled someone’s dream. This child will begin to know the great person who gave birth to them.

What we hope to offer a child
If you choose us you will have no worries about your baby getting all the love and nurturing a child deserves. Family is a wonderful gift from God, and we cherish it. Your child will have so many friends and family around for full support, as Lauren does now. We will make sure your child has goals in life and will help fulfill them. We will raise them to be kind, responsible and strong, because we think those values are very important for a well-rounded person. Your child will know how special they are every day through the care we will provide.

We appreciate your consideration in our profile. We have so much love to offer your child in completing our family. We think you already know what a special person you are by making this choice. If you choose us, we hope you know your child will not only have a loving family but also a best friend in our daughter Lauren. Thank you so much, and we can’t wait to meet you and your child soon.

Jerry, Katie, & Lauren


Dear Expectant Mom,

We are David and Brian.

It’s nice to meet you and introduce ourselves, we really are truly excited and ready to offer a child a stable, safe, fun home that’s full of love. We feel for you and honor the bravery of your choice to place this baby. Mercy and bravery help to keep the dark things of this world at bay and bring us toward light.

It is an imperfect hope, but we can say with full hearts, we will keep you in our thoughts. It is important to us that you know that we will respect your process and will always honor your intuition. We are fully on board for the adoption plan that works for you.

Being a same sex couple, we have always tried to find an organic way of bringing a child into our family. We want our adoption to be purposeful. In fact, one of the things we bonded over initially was our desire to parent. From an early age, we both knew we wanted to have a kid. We are both only children, with strong bonds to our parents. We would love the opportunity to set those kinds of examples ourselves for a child.

Our parents gave us the opportunity to discover ourselves and the world and find a path that has brought us all such joy. We would be honored to provide a baby with the same and commit to you to do our very best and never take a second of this journey for granted. We have been blessed with all kinds of amazing experiences, adventures, and education and we can’t wait to share these and more with a child.

Brian and David

About Us
We met almost 10 years ago, when we were set up on a blind date — we were both completely terrified, but excited. For each of us, it was our first blind date and it would turn out to be our last. We hit it off right away. Soon after meeting it became clear to both of us that we had met “the one”. After a year of dating we moved in together and we got married in December of 2014.

We love to laugh, entertain and BBQ for friends, hike wherever our dogs take us, work in the garden, and spend time with our family. We live in Los Angeles with our dogs right around the corner from Dodgers Stadium and about 10 minutes from the Staples Center.

We both work in the entertainment industry – Brian is a writer/director of films and television and David is a film producer. We have a true passion for what we do and have been lucky that our careers have taken us on adventures all over the world. Art and culture is a major part of our life and we are blessed to be immersed in it on a daily basis.

Our Community
We live in a cool, fun, very family-oriented neighborhood. In fact, it was the first neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our home was built in 1886 and is just a block from Dodgers Stadium. We love to entertain family and friends on the weekend with Brian’s cooking. We have a huge yard and garden, where our dogs are always lounging in the sun, ready to play.

Los Angeles is such a wonderful, culturally diverse place to live. There are so many exciting things to do, like swimming at the beach, hiking in the mountains, catching a soccer game, going to concerts at Disney Hall, all kinds of museums and of course, great schools.

We hope to be able to share all of these and experience them all anew through the eyes of a child. We understand that choosing parents for your baby must be a challenge and so we are are extremely grateful that you are considering us. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We’d love the chance to get to know you one on one.
Brian and David

Our life and Friends

David is 36 years old. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to New York City for college. He now lives in Los Angeles and works as a film producer. He loves pottery, gardening, yoga and hikes with the dogs.

Brian is a 34 year old from Southern California. He graduated from UCLA at age 18 and has been a writer and director ever since. He loves cooking, woodworking, gardens, hiking with his digs and exercise.

We love simple walks or long adventures with the dogs. As long as we’re all together.

Our families are a huge part of our lives. Being that we are both only children, we share a special bond with our parents. We visit David’s mom in Ohio often, and see Brian’s parents regularly as they live just an hour away. Needless to say, they are all excited to be grandparents.

Being that we are both only children, our friends have become our brothers and sisters. They are the best.

We love the holidays. We celebrate family traditions, and are always looking to make new ones. Brian always picks out the best tree, and David is a master decorator.

One of our favorite things to do as a couple is travel. We’ve been fortunate enough to explore a lot of the world. We can’t wait to share these experiences with our child.


Dear Expectant Mom,

This is a selfless act of love for your child. We just want you to know how brave we think you are and how much respect we have for you. Making the decision to place, is very difficult. We cannot promise to be the perfect parents to your child, to promise that would be impossible because there is no such thing as perfect in parent hood. What we can promise you is that we are going to try very hard to be as perfect as we can be as parents for our children. We can promise you that no “boo-boo” or “ouchie” will go un-kissed and loved on. We can promise that your child will be loved just as much as we love our biological child Scarlett. We can promise you a full, happy, safe life with our family. We can promise a lot of laugh­ter, a lot of smiles, and so much love. We can promise a feeling of belonging, and acceptance.

Your baby will be so loved, so cared for, and so adored by our eager family! Our four and a half year old daughter Scarlett will love a little brother or sister. This would be a dream come true for our us and for our little girl as well. We know that she will be the best big sister out there! She talks about all of the things she will do with her little brother or sister when he or she arrives! We look forward to coming special moments, please know our hearts and prayers are for­ever with you!

Anita and Eric joined Team Beachbody in 2012. Within one year, Anita was able to leave her full time job to be home with Scarlett. One year later, Anita retired Eric at the age of 27.
They both work in health and fitness from home!


Anita: I had previous career as a DJ! I toured many clubs throughout Florida and had a blast! I was what you call a House DJ. I did this as a way to pay for college (I later graduated with a 4. 0 at the top of my class!)

Eric: I was a student at Full Sail University. Me and my buddies decided to go out to a club called Back Booth! Anita was headlining that night. As I walked into the room Anita immediately noticed me.

Anita: I noticed that Eric was talking to a mutual friend of ours. So I waltzed up and asked to be introduced to Eric. From that moment on we were inseparable. Literally! We spent as much time as possible together to this point today!

Eric proposed in a quiet little restaurant on a small town outside of Grand Rapids. He was sup­posed to propose while ice skating, but I refused go out on the ice because I was not excited about how cold it was outside. Eric ended up proposing in the restaurant. The families that were in the restaurant that night paid for our meal and drinks!

We were married on May 14th 2011! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon.


Our home is a newer build! It is super cozy and comfy! The first thing you see when you come in is our beautiful fire place at the very front of the home. We have six bedrooms, a finished basement, and a giant play room with an indoor trampoline, tons of trains, legos, and play houses!!

The nursery is already set up. We have a beautiful dark brown crib, and a green rocking chair. We plan to decorate with cute little animals!

We love to take our daughter Scarlett to her gymnastics class each week. Eric is also home schooling Scarlett until she starts kindergarden. We have a ton of fun together exploring our libraries, going through lesson plans, and doing fun extra activities. We always have our nieces and nephew over to play! Scarlett and her cousin Berkley are like sisters.

We are thirty minutes away from Lake Michigan and we have spent lots of our sum­mers there! We go to the lake and we get ice cream for the kiddos! We also go up to north Michigan to Torch Lake every summer. We rent a beautiful cabin on the lake and spend a week there!


Dear expectant mother,

This has to be the hardest thing you have ever done. We admire you, we thank you and understand that this is crazy. We want you to know that you are doing the right thing and we we are here to provide love in this crazy situation.

Our names are Doug and Jesse, and we have one son Matthew. We haven’t had time to make a big huge book about who we are but when we heard about your situation we really wanted to send you something to tell you who we are and tell you that we love what you are doing to help your child. We would to support you, pray for you and adopt this baby.

About Doug
I’ve been in southern California my whole life, and I was raised with a great community of people at my church and my family. Today I work for that same church as a Pastor. I love to surf with my Dad on the weekends and be with my family and friends. I am currently getting a Masters degree in philosophy at Talbot Seminary, and every day I am praying that the Lakers will be a good basketball team again soon. I love my wife and son more than anything in the world and every day is an adventure.
About Jesse
Hi! I am the proud mama of Matthew, the wife of Doug and I love our life. I work as a hair stylist at a salon close to our home. We are so blessed to have an awesome community of family and friends surrounding us and helping us through life. I love taking Matthew to Disneyland and decorating our house for the holidays. I am so honored to be able to support you and pray for you. Where you are doing is so insanely hard and you should be so proud of your decision!


We met in the fifth grade during a church play. Throughout our teenage lives we always were friends and Doug even had a crush on Jesse most of the time. Then in college we went on our first date and got engaged a year later.
When we decided to grow our family we discovered that we both were unable to have children biologically. This led to a few years of painful fertility treatments that were unsuccessful. We can’t lie – this was a terrible time for us. We truly struggled and needed support from our families and friends.
However, in the midst of our pain, a love for adoption began to grow. We realized that we were a family brought together by love and we wanted to bring more people into our family to love. This led to us meeting our son Matthew.


Matthew’s story
Matthew came to us when he was 18 months old. When we met him, it was love at first sight. Nine days later, he came to live with us. We have loved every moment with him. He has grown us greatly in our understanding of adoption, children, racial issues and what it’s like to truly have compassion.
Matthew is a miracle and we have truly given ourselves to him, we love him more than we ever thought a person could love. Matthew is African American and Native American. We have been learning and growing so much in our understanding of what it means to be an interracial family in America today.
We work hard at growing friendships with people who are African American. We are learning to teach Matthew more about his heritage and how to succeed in growing up to be a strong, independent, proud, African and Native man. This process has grown us all and we are better because of Mathew. We love him and celebrate his uniqueness.

Why we love adoption
Adoption is a beautiful thing. Crisis happens to everyone and they should not be judged or hated, they should be helped. That is why we love adoption. Adoption steps into crisis and provides a clear answer, a way out, and a loving home for a child. We are willing to jump in to get to know families in order to provide a home for children who need a loving home.

We understand that placing your baby for adoption is the hardest thing to do in the world. We admire you more than you could ever know. You are a hero and you are doing the right think. We will honor you by loving this child for the rest of their lives.

Choosing us
We understand that there are many people to choose from when placing your child. It can be overwhelming and scary. We want you to know that we have one goal: to love this child as if it was our own for the rest of life, no matter what. We are here and we are ready to love this child. If you want to see more pictures or talk we would love to connect.


Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little bit about us. We hope you will be interested in starting a conversation with us, as we would love to hear about your hopes and dreams.

Your love and courage in considering adoption is truly humbling for us. We are excited to start our family and hope to join you on this journey.

Val & Nate

We are Valery and Nathan and we’re an interracial couple living in California. Val is Canadian born, from Canada and Nate is Chinese/Vietnamese, born in California. We ’re eager to start our family and believe adoption is the best option for us and hope that you are open to considering us.

Nate studied neuroscience in college and loves talking about that stuff. Val counsels students in her job, helping them to succeed in both school and life.

Open adoption is something we both really believe in and our families and friends have been very supportive of our adoption journey since we started in 2014.

We want our child to know their own story and hope that you are open to being a part of that as the child grows.

A little more about us. We live in California near the beach. Valery is an Associate Dean of Students at College and Nathan is a Cybersecurity consultant. We got married in 2012 in a small, no-fuss ceremony in Val’s sister’s backyard.

We have two cats, George & Canoe. George is adventurous and loves the outdoors. Canoe, on the other hand, is a total diva.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you.

Nathan and Valery


Hi! We are incredibly grateful that you are brave and loving enough to consider adoption and we are thrilled that you’re taking a peek at our little family.


We met 8 years ago through mutual friends at brunch. We kept laughing together at the same things and instantly felt like old friends. Since then we have never gone a day without laughing. We both work in Hollywood and get to do what we love for a living. Our two dogs go everywhere with us: hiking at Griffith Park, the beach in Malibu, weekend trips to Santa Barbara and Palm Springs.

We love to entertain and have a full table of friends and family, plates loaded, music going with kids and dogs running around. We have annual Halloween and Christmas parties and really go all out with the decorations. We can’t wait to open our arms to a little one, take her with us to all the incredible places Los Angeles has to offer. Finding delicious food trucks, building sandcastles, and watching outdoor movies in the park next door to us will mean so much more when we get to share it all.


We are both lucky in that we get paid to do what we love. Robin is a celebrity makeup artist and works mainly in television and print. She’s also done her share of movies and red-carpet events. She’s been working on a popular TV show for seven years and is excited to take our child on set and show her the magic of Hollywood!

Kelly is a reality TV producer who has worked on some of the biggest shows in reality TV history. She loves to create stories about real people that make viewers laugh and take them away from their problems. Sometimes making people forget about their life is just as important as making people think about it.

We’ve decided that when we bring a child into our life, one person will not work so that one of us can be there full time for all the school events and extra activities like playing and sports. We’re also able to request time off so that we can both be there for big events or to travel and show our kid the world.


Our friends and family mean so much to us and we can’t wait to add to the pack! We are both incredibly close to our immediate families and have so many loving cousins, aunts and uncles. A lot of Kelly’s family is located in Southern California, all within 2 hours driving distance and we see them a lot. Kelly’s mother is going to relocate so that grandma can help guide us in raising our child. We’re both so happy to have her nearby because there’s nobody better to spoil our child. She will keep her beach house in La Jolla, San Diego, so that we can all have unplanned mini vacations.

We can’t wait to show our little one how to surf on the beaches Kelly grew up on and go exploring. Kelly’s father and stepmother are thrilled and can’t wait to shower their first grandchild with love. Kelly’s favorite cousins live in Malibu and just had a baby. We hope our child will grow up with his new cousin and play on the beach with him. Robin’s parents live in St. Louis, where they have been since they got married 50 years ago. That’s the nucleus of the Glaser side, where most of the cousins and aunts and uncles reside.

Robin is very close to her sister who lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Experiencing the culture of the city together and playing with the kids in their Hamptons house are some of our favorite things to do!

We adore our unique families but we also have an eclectic group of warm, funny, amazing people we call friends and who feel like family. This is truly a bunch of special people, all of whom have their fingers crossed for us. Some are as high-powered corporate as they get; some are struggling writers, but we all get along so well and really adore spending time together. The level of support and love this group shows is pretty incredible. Some have kids, some are trying to get pregnant, some are single and some are married. It’s a fascinating dynamic and we are continually impressed by these people. And they always show up to our house ready to party!


I married my best friend who makes me laugh non-stop. She’s the funniest person I know and always has a witty zinger comeback comment for every situation. She’s also the coolest person I’ve ever known and I can’t believe I suckered her into falling for me. She’s got great style and taste and lights up the room like she’s a movie star. But that’s just surface stuff; she’s just as beautiful on the inside. Robin makes ordinary situations extraordinary. For movie night, she always makes the tastiest homemade popcorn with all sorts of fun sauces and spices and we’ll all cuddle up on the couch in a big dog pile.

Our friend’s kids love to come over because she’s the Master of Couch Forts and she plays for hours with them. I can’t wait for our child to enjoy all the little adventures that she comes up with, whether it’s cooking s’mores in the fireplace or putting makeup on our child to make them look like a princess or a zombie, Robin makes life better. And she’s going to be a great mom. She’s loving, patient, and thoughtful and knows how to talk and engage with children.


Kelly can find humor in anything. She has a special gift. When I am tense or frustrated Kelly can immediately diffuse the situation by making me laugh. She has very close friendships, most of over 20 years. She picks up the phone with a smile and has a nickname for everyone that always sticks. She is the most reliable person in the world (we have a collection of everyone’s house keys and ADT passwords!)

Kelly is just a big kid who can’t wait to take our child to amusement parks. Kelly grew up on the beach, surfing in the ocean and can’t wait to share this love with our child. I fell in love with Kelly over cooking and eating delicious meals together, but moments like pulling the car over so we can laugh until tears roll are what I treasure most. I will never let her go.

We live in California. We are 20 minutes away from friends and family in Malibu where we love to spend time with their children, playing on the beach and in the ocean. We have a spacious house that is big enough for indoor scootering and shenanigans and really good games of hide and seek. We have a sparkling pool and Kelly loves to do cannonballs every chance she gets! Robin thinks it’s really more of a belly flop—this kid will laugh as hard as she does when Kelly plops in the pool!

We live at the end of a cul de sac, directly next to a newly renovated, beautiful park that has a jungle gym area in a sand box and a baseball field – perfect for games with friends and family. We spend time walking our dogs around the beautiful neighborhood and really look forward to pushing a stroller along with us.

We are so happy you took the time to get to know us. We admire the courage and love you have to have arrived here. Because of you we hope to grow our family. Thank you for considering us and we hope to hear from you.


Dear Expectant Parent,
Hello and Thank You. I appreciate you taking the time to review my profile. I can’t imagine how hard it will be to choose the right parent/parents to raise your child and I am grateful that you are considering me. If chosen, I want you to feel confident that I will love and care for your child and make sure they have every opportunity to learn and grow into whomever they are meant to be. Hopefully this profile gives you a glimpse of me and my life and will show you that I am the perfect fit for you and your child!

Let me start by saying I have had a slightly different journey than others. After years of moving from state to state and enjoying many new experiences I moved to Texas and bought a home, finished my degree and started a new career in information technology. I am fortunate to have a fantastic job, a great family and wonderful friends. Over the years I still haven’t met Mr. Right. I thought someday that would happen and I would have kids and my life would be complete. Several years ago I tried several fertility treatments to have a child, unfortunately these were unsuccessful, so I started researching adoption.

I have a great life but yearn to share it with a child; watch them grow up, do homework together, go to ballet recitals or soccer games, or whatever my child wants to participate in. I have so much love to share and hope to someday have a child to share it with.


I have the most wonderful family and we are extremely close. My parents have been married 50 years and I have two older siblings. My sister is married and her husband is from England. They have a 15-year-old daughter who they adopted at the age of 10. We love to go see movies, attend sporting events, travel and celebrate birthdays at Benihana (it is a family tradition). My parents split their time between Florida and Colorado so I hope that my child will love the beach and the mountains since we would visit them regularly. Most of our extended family lives in Illinois so we visit them often and for special occasions, we all love to dance and just spend time visiting.

I have a great group of friends who I am extremely close to and consider family. We enjoy eating out, going to see movies, going for walks/hikes, and traveling together. They are so excited to someday be a part of my child’s life.

Travel with both family and friends is one of my favorite things and something I hope to share with my child someday. I am happy on any beach and enjoy regular family visits in Colorado, Illinois, and Florida. I have also been fortunate to travel internationally, whether it be whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, visiting the Vatican in Italy, seeing the beauty of Ireland and the Opera House in Australia.

A family tradition is going to see movies. We love it all, action, comedy, thriller, Disney, Pixar. It is something I also share with my friends and their families. I love to watch sports whether in person or on TV. In addition, I love to play tennis, golf or volleyball or simply go on a walk or hike.


I have wanted a child for so long and believe it is important for you to know how I feel about parenting. Beyond feeling extremely grateful, I want you to know that the most important thing for me is to have a child with a life they feel comfortable in. I love sports and dance and math, while my brother loves cars and art. My parents allowed us to find our “joy” and excel there. I want to do the same for my child. I want them to experience it all so they can find what brings them the most joy. I promise you that your child will grow up in a home filled with love and support for their entire life.


I was raised Catholic and spent my years growing up in both Catholic and public school. I don’t attend church often, but believe my Catholic foundation was important in making me who I am today. I intend to raise my child similarly as I believe it builds a good foundation while allowing them to have different experiences. There is a very good Catholic School nearby for pre-K to 8th grade and I think it is a good place to start school. I believe that someday, when my child is old enough, that they will have a variety of religious experiences to draw from and can decide what is in their heart and what they believe.

Meet Sophia and Mosley: I have the two most adorable doggies. Sophia is a 10-year-old Maltese who loves to snuggle and be held. She is happy to meet anyone and loves being around all people. Mosley is a 15-year-old Brussels Griffon mix. He has the best personality and some days I think I totally know what he is thinking. I got him at a shelter and his sweet demeanor won me over immediately. I am lucky to have these two in my life.

I have lived in my home for 13 years and have done updates over the years to make it my dream home. I have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so there is plenty of room for my child and a guest room for my parents to use when they come to visit. I have a large backyard perfect for a swingset or maybe a pool one day. My favorite thing about my neighborhood is the beautiful park a few blocks away. It has a huge pond with bridges and ducks. It’s so fun to go and see all the new hatchlings each year. There is also a public pool, playground and tennis courts. I look forward to taking my child someday to go and feed the duckS.

I can’t remotely understand how hard this decision is for you. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I hope that my profile allowed you to truly get to know who I am and why your child would be loved and cared for with me. I am forever grateful that you chose this path and hope that I am the right parent for your child. Thank you!



Dear Birthmother,

First and foremost, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering a placement plan for your child. We cannot imagine how you must be feeling with the emotional roller coaster, the stress, the physical challenges of being pregnant. Considering adoption takes an enormous amount of courage, selflessness, and love. We have been praying for you and your baby – prayers of peace and comfort.

Let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves. My name is Lori. I’m married to Justin and we have one son, Eli, who is 5. Eli is adopted. In fact, so am I! We are so grateful for our different perspectives on adoption. But more about that later. We live in the town where Justin and I grew up. It is a small town, population of around 2,500. It is about an hour away from the closest large cities. We live in the country right outside of town. We have almost all of our immediate family members very close by. In fact, we live next door to my parents. Justin’s parents live in town and his two brothers and their families live just outside of town as well. My sister and her family live in the city about two hours away. Justin and I lived in the city for over 10 years before the opportunity to move back presented itself. We moved back when Eli was 1.

I am in my early to mid-30’s. I have a Master’s degree in nursing and work as a family practice nurse practitioner in our town. Before I was a nurse practitioner I worked as a critical care nurse in the city. I love taking care of people and I especially find it rewarding to care for the people in my hometown! I really enjoy reading. I’m usually drawn to historical books but I’ll read almost anything and usually have more than one book going at a time. I also like doing anything new and challenging. This year three of my friends and I travelled to Colorado and hiked Pike’s Peak. I had never done anything like that before and never imagined it would be such an emotional, fulfilling experience!

Justin is in his mid-30s. He has a Master’s degree in business administration and started a financial planning business in our town. He started it from the ground up and it is really starting to take off. It is exciting to watch the business grow and make all of his hard work pay off. He loves to read and mainly sticks to biographical books or books on finance and investing. He is also such a handyman. We built our home a couple of years ago and he and his dad did a lot of the work themselves. He is quite impressive and we are so lucky to have such a beautiful home.

Eli is our energetic, smart, funny, sweet boy. He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure! He is in Pre-K at our local Catholic school. When he isn’t in school he goes to daycare at Justin’s parents’ in-home daycare. He gets to see several of his cousins every day and we are so grateful for that! He loves to run, jump and play. He likes to tell jokes, even if the punchlines are a little off, which, let’s be honest, makes it even funnier. He is just starting to write letters and spell words. He loves to read and we just finished the first book in the Harry Potter series. I have never read the series before so we are both enjoying reading them together.

Now let me tell you more about our adoption perspectives that I mentioned earlier. I am adopted. My parents adopted me when I was 5 days old. My adoption was closed. My birthmother had written a letter to me shortly after I was born and I was able to open and read that letter after I turned 18. I did find her when I was 19 and had the opportunity to meet her in person shortly after that. She has married an amazing man, become a very successful lawyer, and has three smart and beautiful daughters of her own. We have a very good relationship and are grateful for our extended family!

I have always known that I was adopted. That was a very important thing to me, especially when we adopted Eli. I never want him to remember us sitting him down to tell him. I want him to just know like I did. It is simply part of our story.

Eli’s adoption was a bit different, as all are. Eli was born in California. We were supposed to be there for her scheduled C-section but babies don’t always follow the schedule. She went into labor about a week early and had to have an emergency C-section. We were able to arrive at the hospital about 12 hours after he was born and meet his birth mother. We spent several days with her and Eli in the hospital. He has an open adoption. We frequently talk about being adopted and that he grew in Miss Robin’s tummy, not mommy’s. He knows that we flew to California to pick him up after he was born and we even have pictures of all four of us together in the hospital. I think he understands adoption as much as a 5-year-old can!

We now have the experience and point of view of the adopted child, parenting an adopted child, and also luckily have a wonderful relationship with my birth mother so we have gotten to see her side of adoption as well. This is such an advantage because it helps Justin and I be more objective throughout it all. I also think it will help Eli in the future when he has more questions about it. I have been there, I can relate.

We are looking to add to our family through adoption. I can’t pretend that we don’t have worries or anxious feelings about adopting again, but I think any family that is considering another child feels that way. But we are also so excited about the possibility! We would love for Eli to have a sibling and for us to have another child to love. He would make a great big brother. He loves babies and is very protective of his little cousins! It is very sweet to watch. Don’t get me wrong, he is ornery as heck and will certainly teach a younger sibling how to run fast and jump on the furniture, but that’s what big brothers are for. We have faith that God has a plan for our family and we will continue to pray for neon signs from Him – so that we don’t miss them!

It is such an amazing thing, adoption. Each side comes with it’s own challenges and emotions. It does not come without thoroughly and heartfully considering all options. It certainly does not come easily or pain free. But I know with all my being that it comes with trust, faith, and hope! And most importantly, it comes with so much love! Justin and I have a lot of faith that God’s plan is best. We (obviously!) don’t have control. My hope and prayers for you and your child are that you make the best, most loving decisions for each of you and that you are at peace. And thank you again for even considering adoption. We will continue to pray for you.
With our most sincere and open hearts.

Justin, Lori and Eli


Hello! We are Greg & Jenny

We are so grateful to you for taking the time to learn about us. We appreciate your courage and admire your decision to give the gift of life to your child.

After struggling with fertility, we have fully embraced the path of adoption and can’t wait to be parents. We have been preparing for years to give your child a home full of warmth, laughter, and unconditional love.

If you choose us, we promise to provide for every aspect of your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us. We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Greg and Jenny first met at a delicious dessert restaurant in Atlanta called Cafe Intermezzo. Greg saw Jenny from across the room and just had to introduce himself.

Greg asked Jenny to go hiking with him the next day to a beautifu waterfall. Jenny happily agreed as this was also her favorite hiking trail! One year later, Greg proposed to Jenny in front of the same waterfall where they had their first date.

They were married on the beach at sunset and describe their wedding as the most magical day of their lives. For their honeymoon they went on a two week cruise to Venice, Italy and the Greek Islands.

Greg and Jenny love traveling, but what they value most is time with their close friends and their children. They also cherish spending lots of time with their families, and nephews, who are a very important part of their lives.

Greg and Jenny do not have any children yet, but are incredibly excited to adopt. They can’t wait to introduce their family, friends, and beloved dog Hailey to her new brother or sister!

Greg is the most caring, compassionate, and loving man whom I’ve ever known. He is one of those people who everyone lives to be around, always smiling and enjoying the moment.

Greg is so much fun and there is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t make me smile and laugh constantly.

He adores children (especially his two nephews!) and he can’t wait to become a father.

Greg is very supportive and always looking out for every detail to ensure that our family is well taken care of. Ne of the first things I noticed about him was that he was meant to be a father.

The first thing you should know about Jenny is that she was born to be a mother. From the moment she can remember, she has dreamt of being a mom, which shows in how effortlessly she interacts with and takes care of children.

Jenny has enjoyed helping raise all of her friends’ and families’ children over the years. She has a true gift for nurturing and teaching and will provide a wonderful life for your child.

The second thing you should know about Jenny is that she received her masters and doctorate degree in occupational therapy. She feels honored to have worked her entire career in pediatrics with special needs infants and children in inner city schools and therapy clinics.

Jenny connects instantly with children and is an expert in child development. It is easy to see the joy in her eyes when she is working with infants and toddlers, helping them to succeed to reach their full potential.

The third thing you should know about Jenny is that she makes everything beautiful. She is an incredible photographer and takes the most gorgeous pictures, especially of our dogs!

Jenny is also an amazing decorator and cook. I can’t wait to see her in the kitchen, sharing her love of cooking with a child.

We have small, yet tight-knit and loving families who can’t wait to welcome my beautiful baby into their lives.

Jenny’s mom is an accountant for the U.S. Air Force. She lives in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where Jenny grew up. We enjoy driving down to the beach to visit Jenny’s mom every couple months.

The whole family loves spending the holidays together. We especially love when Greg cooks one of his delicious meals for everyone!

Greg’s mother and father, who we are also very close with, moved from Massachusetts (where Greg grew up) to Orlando several years ago.

They love using their annual pass to go to Disney World. We can’t wait to treat our children to special trips to visit grandma and grandpa and Mickey Mouse!

Home Sweet Home

We live in a nice suburb north of Atlanta. It is a wonderful place to raise a family for many reasons including top rated public schools, a wide variety of parks and trails, very low crime rates, and an increasingly diverse community.

We are lucky to own a beautiful large traditional home that has four bedrooms and bathrooms, a fenced in backyard, and ample room for our future children to get creative and play. All of the schools in our neighborhood and our church are in close proximity to where we live.

Our Friends

We have a great group of friends who met in college and are now raising children together.

Once a month we have supper club at each other’s houses and we also frequently attend sporting events, movies, cooking classes, festivals, and concerts together. Our favorite yearly tradition is to rent a beach house, mountain cabin, or campsite together, children & all!


Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my profile. I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now as you make this selfless decision. I hope by showing you more about myself and what I can offer your child, it may give you some peace of mind if you decide to select me.

I was blessed to have a biological son and have been a single mother for the last 9 years. I have had the honor of helping my partner (Jeff) raise his two boys from the time the oldest was 13 and the youngest was 1.

After several heartfelt discussions as a family and thinking this through as a single mother, I have decided whole heartedly that I want to grow my family through adoption. I want nothing more than to give a child an amazing life full of fun, travel, security, and Love.

I want you to know that if you decide that I am the right fit for you and your baby, your baby will always be surrounded with unconditional love and care. It will be my honor to provide the best life possible as I have done and continue to do with my own child and partner’s two sons.

If there are any questions you have regarding me, I am happy to answer them for you.

Thank you so much for considering me.


Let me start by saying I had a very traditional youth and my parents are still married to this day. Even after 47 years they still enjoy not only each other but the grandkids and value family life.

I graduated high school in 1992 and was accepting into college along with being accepted into the Disney College Program. I left home at 18 moving to Orlando to attend college and worked at the most Magical Place in the world.

I continued on that path until I turned 21 and had my son Jacob. Jacob changed my life for good and two years after his birth I loved back to Navarre where most of my family still lived. It has always been important for me to have family around for not only support but for my son to know everyone as he grew up. As a single parent, I felt the more family we had to work with us the better we would both be in the future.

After being back in Navarre for a couple of years I met my ex-husband. We were married in 2005 and unfortunately after four and half years of marriage we separated and divorced. I was at a point my life where I was independent again. During that time I met an amazing man (Jeff) who is now my partner in life. My new relationship started with a work situation in 2005. That work relationship developed into friendship, mutual respect, and Love. I have been in this committed relationship with Jeff for almost 10 years this year and we are extremely happy.

Fortunately for us all of our boys get along wonderfully and have since we moved in together in late 2010. Amazing as it is, not only do the boys get alone, but both sets of parents love each other as well. I am very lucky that things worked out as they have. I feel blessed to live a fun filled, always exciting, busy family life kind of life.

After the two older boys moved out a few years ago and went to college, Jackson my partner’s 9 year old has kept me on my toes along with the pups. Every day is a new adventure and I take each bump in the road as a step towards something better. Instead of thinking the worst I think positive and believe everything happens for a reason.

I love to travel in my free time with my family. One of my favorites was the big family adventure to Hawaii and of course my favorite (Jeff not as much) was our trips to Disney. I love going to see the Magic Kingdom and even more so, I love seeing children experience that magic for the 1st time.

I love to take motorcycle adventures, really enjoy four wheeling, and playing outside/exploring with the boys.

My family and I love to celebrate the holidays. I have an annual Halloween Costume Party and even the grandparents get dressed up for the costume party and the kids love it. At Christmas time Santa comes over and we take pictures with the family and pups. I always invite my friends and their children over for story with Santa and a gift exchange. I love that time of year. Another favorite holiday of mine is the 4th of July because we spend it on the beach behind my home with friends and family.

I live in a smaller town and it has its advantages. It allows me time to focus on what’s important which are the kids and my parents. It also gives me the excuse to travel and see new places. I also have a cabin in the Smokies and love going there to see the change of seasons.

I am ready for my next adventure of becoming a parent again and am looking forward to decorating the baby’s nursery. I want everything to be perfect for the new baby when he or she comes home.

Both mine and Jeff’s families live very close to us.

My parents live about 5 miles down the road and my grandparents live about 45 minutes away.

My brother lives a bit further away. He just moved to Washington D.C. with my 7 nieces and nephews. I wish they were closer but it’s a good excuse to go visit the capital.

Jeff’s parents have a condo on the beach about 10 minutes from our home and split their time between living here in Florida and living in Tennessee.

I have a lot of support when the new baby arrives and everyone is very excited for me to add a new member mix I have.

Family time is a top priority for me and is very important. My family and I get together regularly for holidays, birthdays, and sometimes just for a last-minute cook out.

I am lucky to have such great people in my life that love me and will love this child unconditionally.


My Home and Pets

I moved into my house exactly two years ago this past February after working to build it for two years. Jeff and I worked very hard to make it our perfect forever home and are still constantly updating and upgrading within the house. We are very proud of the design we created and the interior decorations that we both worked to create. Jeff’s love for antiquing helped when designing his man cave/garage area, and our dog room. We love having get togethers and are told often that our house has a Happy Home feeling.

On warm days which are more often than not here in Florida I love being on the water or at the pool with my dogs. They enjoy outside time and usually try to go swimming or on my paddle board with me. I have purchased the lots on each side of my home and am hoping to create a play area for not only the dogs but also an area for a swing set and trampoline for the kids to enjoy.

I am are both animal lovers and have 11 dogs and a rescue cat. Our pups consist of Harley a 6 year old black lab, Samson a 3 year old English cream golden retriever, Delilah and Gypsy 3 year old golden retriever sisters, Bagger 1 year English bulldog, Rayne and Belle 10 month old English bulldog sisters, Ace and Bones 7 month old English bulldog brothers, Cash 4 month old English bulldog and Duchess also 4 month old English bulldog.

They have their own room on the 1st floor and a gated area out back to play in. I always allow them in the house because they are family. Each of the dogs are groomed weekly.

The pups and kitty will love having a new family member as much as I will.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I want to assure you that I will love your child with all my heart and give him/her the best life possible. It would be an honor to speak with you.

I wish you all the best.