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Adoption for Expecting Mothers

One of the most selfless and difficult decisions a mother can make is the one that gives her child the best possible life. Everyone has their own story, and at Selfless Love Adoption, we help expecting mothers place their children with loving families. We know this isn’t easy, but just know that giving your child a brighter future is one of the most selfless decisions expectant parents can do. We will be here for you every step of the way.

Here's How We Help

It’s understandable that you’d have plenty of questions about how our process works and the services we offer. You can rest assured knowing that you’re working with one of the most well-respected and empathetic adoption companies in the country. Below are just some of the ways we help you throughout the process.


  • Nationwide assistance

  • One-on-one attention from caring and dedicated staff, available 24/7

  • You choose the adoptive parents that meet your specific criteria

  • Meet and Greet adoptive parents prior to birth

  • Immediate hospital placement for the adoptive couple you choose

  • No foster care

  • Custom birth mother adoption plans for open or closed adoption

  • Birth Mother Relocation Program

  • All medical and legal assistance is provided

  • Opportunities for follow up contact through pictures and letters

We’re sure you have plenty of other questions and concerns that we may not have covered yet. We’ve provided an FAQ section below that may answer some questions you have. We’d also love to know more about you and answer any concerns you may have. Click the link below to give us a call.


Adoption is the legal placement of a child with an adoptive family.

No, adoption is at no cost to the birth mom. It is possible to receive financial assistance during pregnancy depending on what the state you live in allows for necessary living expenses such as: clothing, food, housing, phone service, pregnancy related transportation and utilities once you are matched with a family of your choice.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to select the adoptive family for your child by viewing profiles. If you are not comfortable selecting an adoptive family, we can help you choose a family.

Selfless Love Adoption only works with Adoptive Families that have been home study approved by a licensed social worker to ensure that you have the best families to choose from. Every adoptive family has an adoption profile for you to review once you are ready for that next step. Once you choose a family we will do a conference call and you can speak with the family of your choice to see if they possess the qualities you desire in your ideal adoptive family.

Yes, you can receive pictures and letters regarding your child following placement if you desire for up to 18 years. If you are seeking a closed adoption or a different level of openness, please discuss this with your Adoption Coordinator.

Selfless Love Adoption can work with you, regardless of the relationship you have with your baby’s father. We encourage expectant fathers to take part in the adoption process. If the father does not wish to be involved, there are steps that can be taken depending on the state you live in to ensure a legal adoption.

Once you sign the affidavit of relinquishment, your decision is final. Our goal is to help you reach a decision that you are comfortable with before you take that step.

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