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At Selfless Love Adoption, we understand that the decision to build your family through adoption is just the first of many choices you will make during the adoption process. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling us at 844.896.6310 or using the chat below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require drug testing for our birth mothers for several reasons.

  • Many birth mothers are offended by this request and as a result choose to work with other adoption professionals who do not require this.
  • No matter the type of drug test, there are ways to manipulate the results, and we cannot rely on their accuracy.
  • About half of our birth mothers receive prenatal care. With regular prenatal care, the legal team is able to monitor those prenatal records.

If the baby tests positive for drugs at birth, or if something unexpected is discovered in the medical records, you do not have to continue with the match. Any time new medical information develops in an adoption match, we allow our adoptive families to reevaluate the situation. If you decide not to continue with a match, you can make the decision not to proceed. The fee that was paid to Selfless Love Adoption will be applied to a future match for up to two years.

A small percentage of our adoptions are completely open. The majority of our adoptions are considered “semi-open.” This means that there is contact between that adoptive family and the birth parents through conference calls and/or face-to-face meetings, but no identifying information is exchanged. Most birth parents will know your first names and the state where you live. They will not know your address, phone number or surname, unless you choose to share this.

In addition to conference calls and meetings, most birth parents request that the adoptive family provides pictures and letters at regular intervals. Our standard picture/letter agreement requires adoptive families to provide pictures and letters through age 18. Picture and letter correspondence is typically handled by the adoptive family.

Closed adoptions are not something birth parents are choosing very often these days. When choosing a closed adoption there is absolutely no contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. Most parents birth and adoptive parents want some contact or future correspondence.

In most states, birth parents can’t sign over their parental rights until after the baby is born. Once you are in a match, you will learn the legal process for the state in which your adoption will occur from the legal team. Most of the time, the birth mother’s rights are terminated once see signs the legal paperwork and it goes to court, she may change her mind up until the time of signing.

No, Selfless Love Adoption has established relationships with many of the finest adoption attorneys in the nation. Adoption laws vary by state and Selfless Love Adoption has great working relationships with the attorneys whose services we utilize. We will provide the adoptive family with the name and number of the attorney to contact after the match. If you wish to use your own attorney you have the right to retain that attorney. In doing so there may be additional and unnecessary expenses that were not included in the budget.

A home study is a basic overview of your family’s life, history, and home, which allows courts and adoption professionals to determine if a stable emotional, physical and financial environment exists for an adopted child. Home studies highlight items such as your relationships, interactions with children and your home and neighborhood.

Since the home study can be a lengthy process, we recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible. Collecting documents like birth certificates or marriage licenses for your home study can be time consuming; background checks are also required.

In many states, adoption professionals and the courts will only accept home study from a licensed home study provider. If someone other than a licensed professional completes your home study, you may be required to have another home study performed later. The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) offices can deny or delay approval of an adoption when a home study is not completed by a licensed professional, causing an increased wait and higher costs.

Yes, Selfless Love Adoption specializes in newborn and infant adoptions under six months of age.

No, Selfless Love Adoption specializes in Domestic US adoptions only.

We locate birth moms quickly for three key reasons:

First, we do not limit ourselves to advertising in one state. Our national advertising program, combined with our marketing allows us to be efficient in locating birth mothers. In fact, we are contacted by many pregnant women each month inquiring about our adoption services.

Second, our staff develops relationships with our expectant mothers. Our adoption coordinators know what information to provide so as to inform and not overwhelm. We provide top notch service 24/7 to our expectant mothers. They have around the clock direct access to their coordinator and not an after hours answering service.

Third, we have the best adoptive families in America and attract many expectant mothers. Please contact us at 1-844-896-6310 for questions and how to become a Selfless Love Adoption adoptive family.

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