Living Expenses: What Birth Mothers Should Know

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Selfless Love Adoption - Birth Mother Living Expenses

Birth mother expenses, otherwise known as living expenses, are court-approved monies provided by adoptive families to birth mothers to help cover pregnancy-related costs.

While it is understandable that there are many questions surrounding this topic, a lot of the specific details depend on state laws, and are best discussed on an individual level. So, please feel free to contact us by calling 844.896.6310 or using the chat function below if you would like to know how these expenses will impact your unique situation.

We can, however, provide some general information about birth mother living expenses.

It is important to clarify that living expenses are not payments that the birth mother receives in exchange for placing her child for adoption. This is, unfortunately, a common misconception.

Another common misconception is that offering help for living expenses places pressure on the birth mother to place her child for adoption. The fact is, receiving financial assistance from an adoptive family for living expenses does not create a legally binding contract that forces the birth mother to relinquish her rights to parent her child. That is always her decision to make.

In many situations, a birth mother may need financial assistance during her pregnancy. Because it can be difficult for birth moms to live and/or work in their current situation, many states allow adoptive families to assist with these costs during an adoption plan.

While the types and amounts of covered expenses vary by state, typically speaking, assistance can be provided for: relocation, transportation, rent, groceries, utilities, and/or medical bills, depending on the level of the birth mother’s needs.

Other factors that determine the type of financial assistance for living expenses that a birth mother can receive include: current living situation, stage of pregnancy, and employment status.

State, federal, and local laws will ultimately determine the maximum amount of financial assistance allowed. Aside from that, the decision will be made between the birth mom, the adoptive family, and the adoption advisor.

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